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The first thing to do is to get a survey, we do surveys 7 days a week so there's never a problem getting the time and date you require. The Japanese knotweed survey will show where the knotweed area is, how much knotweed there is and whether has there been any contamination of the neighbour's gardens, your survey will be with you in 24 hours with a 5-year treatment plan and insurance-backed guarantee

Don't get caught out

If you are selling, it is your responsibility to check the garden for Japanese knotweed (bearing in mind that it can die back in winter). The TA6 form asks you to confirm whether your property is affected by Japanese knotweed and, where it is, to provide a management plan for its eradication.

Japanese knotweed survey Sutton Surrey
7 days a week

Japanese Knotweed Survey Sutton Surrey

Verified Review

Location: SW12

Doing a knotweed survey and drawing up a treatment plan to allow us to sell the property

In the process of selling our house, we were told that the buyer's surveyor had seen knotweed in our neighbour's garden and the buyer needed a treatment plan put in place. When our neighbours refused to take any formal action, we got quotes of our own. Simon at Japanese Knotweed Group was very helpful - not just explaining what was needed but also able to do the survey within days. Once the survey was done, Simon advised us not to pay for the treatment plan (although he had drawn one up), as he felt the risk didn't merit the expense (clearly choosing integrity over easy revenue).

Japanese Knotweed Survey Sutton Surrey

Japanese knotweed survey in Sutton

5 year treatment plan

10 year insurance backed guarantee

All in 24 hours

Japanese knotweed survey Sutton Surrey

5-year treatment plans from £1750+vat with 10-year insurance-backed guarantee from £97

Japanese knotweed Mortgage survey report, a treatment plan and Insurance backed Guarantee within 24 hours

Japanese knotweed survey Sutton Surrey
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