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The first thing to do is to get a Japanese knotweed survey, we do surveys 7 days a week so there's never a problem getting the time and date you require. The Japanese knotweed survey will show where the knotweed area is, how much knotweed there is and whether has there been any contamination of the neighbour's gardens, your survey will be with you in 24 hours with a 5-year treatment plan and insurance-backed guarantee

Don't get caught out

If you are selling, it is your responsibility to check the garden for Japanese knotweed (bearing in mind that it can die back in winter). The TA6 form asks you to confirm whether your property is affected by Japanese knotweed and, where it is, to provide a management plan for its eradication

Japanese Knotweed Survey Seaford West Sussex

A Japanese knotweed survey

a 5-year treatment plan

10-year insurance backed guarantee

All in 24 hours

Japanese Knotweed Survey Seaford West Sussex

5-year treatment plans from £1750+vat with 10-year insurance-backed guarantee from £97

knotweed Mortgage survey report, a treatment plan and Insurance backed Guarantee within 24 hours

Japanese Knotweed Survey Seaford West Sussex
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