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The first thing to do is to get a Japanese knotweed survey, we do surveys 7 days a week so there's never a problem getting the time and date you require. The Japanese knotweed survey will show where the knotweed area is, how much knotweed there is and whether has there been any contamination of the neighbour's gardens, your survey will be with you in 24 hours with a 5-year treatment plan and insurance-backed guarantee

Don't get caught out 

​If you are selling, it is your responsibility to check the garden for Japanese knotweed (bearing in mind that it can die back in winter). The TA6 form asks you to confirm whether your property is affected by Japanese knotweed and, where it is, to provide a management plan for its eradication.

5-year treatment plans with 10-year insurance-backed guarantee

Japanese knotweed removal
Japanese knotweed
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Japanese knotweed removal
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Japanese knotweed law

The government has introduced a number of Japanese knotweed laws and regulations surrounding the control, growth and transportation of Japanese Knotweed in order to protect homeowners, businesses and the environment alike. These laws have been put into legislation slowly over the years as a reaction to the growing spread of invasive plant species in the UK.

If you’ve discovered Japanese knotweed on your own property then you’ll have a few options open to you regarding remunerations, depending on the context of your discovery of the infestation. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that your home insurance will cover Japanese knotweed, so you will not be able to rely on it to financially support the removal of the Japanese knotweed or any damage caused to your home.

In the event that you have discovered knotweed on a property that you have purchased after a survey or TA6 property form stated otherwise, then you may be able to claim against the property surveyor or the previous owner of the property for the costs of the knotweed treatment. In the case where you have bought a property with the knowledge of the infestation then you will be liable for the costs of treatment.

Property Seller Lied About Japanese Knotweed

Research reported by The Independent has suggested that the discovery of Japanese knotweed can have a major impact on the house buying process. It’s estimated that 75% of buyers are put off when they discover that Japanese knotweed is present.

Considering the damaging effect that it can have on house prices, it’s hardly surprising that some unethical sellers might choose to lie about the presence of Japanese knotweed on their property. Those that do so risk serious legal complications which may cost them more than a quick sale ever could make them.

Getting A Mortgage With Japanese Knotweed

The discovery of a Japanese knotweed infestation can make selling a house a difficult proposition, this is largely due to the historically cautious approach that mortgage lenders have taken to homes affected by the plant.

Whilst it is possible to get a mortgage on a property with Japanese knotweed, you may find that you will have to take some extra measures in order to prove to the bank that their money is safe with you.


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