Japanese knotweed survey £210+vat

knotweed Mortgage survey report 
Japanese knotweed survey Surrey
Japanese knotweed survey Surrey

Japanese knotweed mortgage compliance survey

  1. We take around 50 photos and select between 10 to 15 of the most appropriate   

  2. The area is looked over in detail to look for signs of old-growth            

  3. We also look at the neighbours if posable for any signs of knotweed   

  4. The area is measured and mapped out                                                

  5. If knotweed is found it is measured for size and how close to the buildings    

  6. A knotweed survey is around 10 pages long when found

  7. A 5-year treatment plan with insurance backed guarantee is put in place

  8. All treatment plans and insurance-backed guarantees are transferable 

  9. This is a mortgage compliance knotweed survey with the PCA 

  10. We are very busy carrying out Japanese Knotweed surveys so you can book 7 days a week so there's never a problem getting the time and date you require       


We carry out Japanese Knotweed surveys 7 days a week so there's never a problem booking the time and date you require.

A survey cost is £210+vat with next day paperwork. If your mortgage company or bank have asked for a Knotweed survey to help buy or sell your house then we are your answer with fast paperwork and surveys every day of the week, we have a time and date ready for you. If you have any questions or concerns in how to tackle a Knotweed problem please contact us on 01883 336602 or 07799 412005 and we'll be happy to help.