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Knotweed Solutions.

We have a solution for every invasive weed from Complete dig-outs to chemical treatments


Be knotweed free with  a complete dig-out


This plan is undertaken when the requirement is for a site to be completed Knotweed free. The area is excavated and the root system is chased back to its origin and then the contaminated soil is removed to a specialist licensed landfill site


PCA Knotweed survey with every treatment plan


We carry out Japanese knotweed surveys 7 days a week so there's never a problem booking the time and date you require 


5-year treatment plans from £1750+vat


if you are selling a house with Japanese knotweed  then you will need a knotweed survey and a 5-year treatment plan with insurance backed guarantee


10 year insurance backed guarantee


With every 5 treatment plans or complete dig-out, you will get an insurance backed guarantee this is required by the mortgage company or the bank.


Bamboo treatment and complete removal


Bamboo treatment with chemicals or a complete dig-out if that's what is required


Complete invasive plant treatment and removal


We treat all invasive weeds with chemicals or a complete dig-out if that's what is required


Vegetation Management


We look after Railways and Highway vegetation

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