What is bamboo

Bamboos are usually valuable ornamental plants. However, if not kept under control some bamboos can become invasive garden weeds – particularly the types that spread by rhizomes (underground stems).


                                                               The problem

While bamboos are usually a good, ornamental plant, here are some of the problems encountered:

  • Bamboo shoots may pop up anywhere in the garden: neighbouring land or even through solid barriers, such as in patios and conservatory floors. Most weed-suppressant groundcover fabrics will not stop bamboo from spreading

  • The problem tends to be with the invasive types of bamboo. These bamboos spread via long rhizomes, which help the plant to colonise new areas

  • The clump-forming bamboos can also grow out of control but do not tend to spread as much as the running bamboos

  This plan is undertaken when the requirement is for a site to be completed bamboo free. The area is excavated and the root system is chased back to its origin and then the contaminated soil is removed to a specialist licensed landfill site. The surrounding and transportation area is fully protected during the process using geotextile membranes to ensure no further site contamiination.